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Smart Home Technologies

Smart Home Devices

video doorbell

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are an extra set of eyes and ears to protect your house. We provide an intelligent AI face detection doorbell with infrared night vision. This only wakes up when there is movement around it, hence can save a lot of power and storage.

When you are not at home you can communicate with people from anywhere with just your smartphone. This video doorbell we provide will take a snapshot of people  ringing the bell and send it to your smartphone.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights come with motion detectors. These are small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves which is heat waves that radiate from any moving objects.

This motion sensing light stays on anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes when there is no movement detected depending on how you preset the timer. You can preset the timer so.  Then the detector automatically turns off the light unless it continues to sense movement.

This helps in reducing the electricity bills to a great extent. 

smart home
air quality monitor

Air Quality Monitoring

We have no idea about the quality of the air we inhale. It’s really harmful to us if the air is polluted. Various methods are available to improve the indoor air quality like using air purifiers, house plants etc. But how do we find if it’s really working or how to know the quality of the air we inhale? We provide air quality monitors that can help you to see what’s the indoor air quality so that you can act so.

Home Control

With our smart home automation system you can control some electrical & electronic appliances such as fans, lights, television etc. These devices will be connected to a wi-fi and you can control it with your smart phone.

This can also be connected to google home or Alexa and it will be really easy to control them with just your voice command. 

smart home
water meter

Water Usage Metering

We provide water usage metering device which will record the amount of water you use in our home.

This provides real-time water usage per day or for a month so that we will know if we are using an excessive amount of water and encourage us in reducing the amount of water we use. We can also find easily if there is any water leak with this meter.

Automatic Water Level Controller

We provide automatic water level controller device which will automate the process of filling up your overhead tank by switching on the motor when the water level is too low and switching off the motor when the tank has been filled.

This device helps in preventing overflowing of water from the overhead tank. This saves both your time and energy. 

water controller

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