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4bhk house plan

4bhk house plan|Tnagar Project

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Floor plan

4bhk house plan

Are you looking for 4bhk house plan? This is an up-coming project at Tnagar.The exterior features a co-ordinated palette of stone tiles and wooden cladding which gives it a clean, simplistic and modern visual impression.  On the ground floor we have a 2bhk in 1100 sq.ft build-up area.

On first floor we have 2 3bhks and on second floor we have another 4 bhk. On the third floor we only have a washing room alone. On the ground floor we have an open car parking space. Near the car parking space we have lift and staircase. While entering we have a  big spacious living room with open kitchen with a small utility room. 

On the other side we  have two bedrooms with attached bathrooms. All together this is a very spacious 2bhk house.On the first floor we have two 3 bhks, While entering from the staircase we have one 3bhk on the left hand side and one on the right hand side.On the left hand side house while entering we have a spacious living room and near the living room we have the dining space.

Near the dining space we have the bedroom with attached bathroom. While entering the house on the right hand side there is the kitchen with a small utility room. Near the dining space we have two bedrooms with attached bathrooms on both the sides.About the other 3 bhk we have the living room on the entrance with attached balcony on the left hand side we have a bedroom with attached bathroom and then there is a dining room on the middle.

Near the dining room we have another spacious bedroom with attached bathroom. At the end we have a kitchen and utility room near the bedroom and on the opposite side we have another bedroom with bathroom attached.On the second floor we have designed a 4bhk for the client’s own use. While entering from the staircase we have the drawing room and on the left side we have the living space.

Near to the living space we have a really spacious bedroom with bathroom and dressing room attached. On the other side we have another spacious bedroom with attached bathroom and dressing room.Near to the bedroom we have the AV room. On the third floor we have washing area.

If you are looking for a free 4bhk duplex house plan, this one will be perfect.We take customers requirements carefully and details into consideration while designing the plans. For most of us building a home would be the biggest investment of a lifetime. A home is a place where everyone in the family would be loving in harmony. Hence designing a floor plan should not be done in haste.

Each of the family member would have their own perspective of how the home should be.We take every family member’s inputs into account and design the plan so. As a customer it will be hard to see your requirements as a floor plan, so when we design the plan for first time it might not exactly match our requirement. We understand customer perspectives, that’s why we give multiple revisions to floor plan till you are satisfied.

This is a G+2 bedroom apartment where the owners can rent out few units and live in the penthouse apartment on the 2nd floor

4bhk house plan



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Project Summary

4bhk house plan

This project is located in the heart of Chennai city. This is an ancestral property located in Tnagar, Chennai demolished and rebuilt as an apartment where some units can be rented out and the owner can live in the same building too.

This is a G+3 apartment with a 2bhk flat on the ground floor, two 3bhk flats on the first floor to be rented out and a 4bhhk flat with AV room on the second floor for the owner to live in.

We are implementing smart home technologies along with organic gardening.

Smart & green home built with modern architecture inside a gated community

4BHK house built in the first floor with a commercial factory built in the ground floor.

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4bhk house plan

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